Corporate Information

Commercial Registeration Number 1010209177 dated 07/04/1426H (corresponding to 15 May 2005G)
Legal Form of Company Joint stock company
Listing Date 22 May 2019G
Fiscal Year 1 January - 31 December
Year Founded 2005
Auditor Name KPMG Al Fozan & Partners (Certified Public Accountants)
Purpose of Company

In accordance with the Bylaws, the Company’s activities consist of the following:

  • Buying lands for the construction of buildings and commercial use thereof through sale or leasing on behalf of the Company.
  • Maintenance, operation and management of shopping centres, commercial and residential complexes.
  • Management, operation and development of lands, residential complexes and neighborhoods.
  • Construction, maintenance and operation of residential buildings.
  • Advertising, publicity and digital advertising.